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From our limited perspective, God’s creation has an unlimited reference potential. If we only open our eyes to see, then ever changing artistic masterpieces can be seen all around us, from the microscopic to the monumental and beyond; and from every conceivable perspective. For the observant artist, this potential cannot be fully utilized in 50 lifetimes.


Our Creator has endowed each of us with a brain, the most complex organ in the universe. Again, from our perspective, the potential of this brain is unlimited. With the right stimulation and training, the end of the creative potential of our your brain can also not be reached in 50 lifetimes.


God has truly given the artist ample opportunity to live out his / her creative dream with total abandon.

AB 020 ondergang 3.jpg

This is a realistic painting of a pool in the rocks by the seaside. What a joy to explore the abstract elements. 

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