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The following are quotes from talks and workshops presented over the past 17 years. They may be used with the acknowledgement of the source of the quotes.



Our passionate, yet totally inadequate efforts to portray, on our medium of choice, minute bits of God’s creation, the only true artistic masterpiece.



Texture is the first priority. A pleasing texture composition gives the foundation for a successful painting.


Interacting compositions:

Texture, color, tonal value, line and form. 5 interacting compositions, all in balance, form the basis for the final composition.


Unlimited potential:

Our wildest dreams are nothing compared to the potential that God has deposited in each one of us.


We are surrounded by, we are immersed in, we are intrinsically part of nature, and as such we cannot escape the beauty that is all around us.



The symbiosis of the two ‘unlimiteds’ -  The unlimited visual and artistic potential of creation, and the unlimited creative potential of the artistic mind.


Art – a product of the human condition:

Art is unique to humankind, being one of the many factors that distinguish us from the rest of creation. We have a tendency, an inborn need to want to surround ourselves with beauty that is man made. Investing a great sum of money is the only means to acquire the very best art. But all along we are surrounded by masterpieces of ever changing artwork – artwork created by the Master Artist from an endless variety of media of a beauty and balance that transcends the singing of it.



The object of my art is to entice an awareness of the pleasure derived from studying an artistic masterpiece. Through this experience I strive to train and to open your eyes to the shear beauty of the most magnificent masterpieces of art in creation.


The hoped for reaction:

Here’s hoping that my art will inspire you to look more carefully at your surroundings. May it cause you to stand in awe of not only the monumental but also the microscopic; not only the grandiose but also the ordinary simple things that constantly confront your eyes.


Portraits all copied from the corporate artwork: "Light to the Nations" 

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