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The Bible is the inerrant, authoritative, Word of the Triune God, the Creator of the universe. God, through Jesus Christ, created everything by speaking it into existence, He created indescribable beauty, and in the process He created light and our ability to see.



The Bible reveals this Creator as the Source of all things, the First uncaused Cause. I trust Him as the One who gave me the gift of art. Because He is the Source of my creative mind, I need not fear any project or commission, no matter how big or complex. As I trust His leading, I embrace the challenge of the ‘impossible’.



Creativity implies innovation, a new way of thinking. I understand that 50 lifetimes of creative enterprise will not exhaust the potential of innovative thought placed in me, and also in each one of us. So, no matter what, there is a solution for the problem on the canvas. This process echoes, but is a poor reflection of life itself.



God is excellent in every way. The universe He created is excellent. Our minds are the most complex and excellent created organ in the universe. It is therefore both a challenge and pleasure to strive for excellence in every aspect of the pursuit of an art career.



Everything done well and with dedication has the power of raising passion. Nothing stimulates happiness and enjoyment than to be totally absorbed in what you do.



With success and recognition comes also the danger of arrogance. However, I understand full well that it is unseemly in the extreme to become arrogant about a free gift. The greatest achievements come with true humility.



My art is therefor dedicated to the Glory of God who created all and who laid this wonderful gift in my hands.


SOLI DEO GLORIA (only to God be the Glory)

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