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Icon of Afrikanerdom, the Voortrekker Monument, a monument to the grace of God who protected the Boers during the 'Great Trek' into the interior of Southern Africa.


This venue which is the number 1 tourist attraction in Pretoria, is rich in South African and Afrikaner history and culture. It looks back at the years of intense hardship and struggle against almost insurmountable challenges, but also showcases the strength and variety of an ongoing excellence in the arts and culture of this hardy people group.

Kobus was honored to have been commissioned to do a series of paintings, featuring some of the incredible variety of trees with which the Voortrekkers came into contact. These artworks are prominently displayed in the Senotaph Hall of the monument.


Voortrekker Monument Commission

The trees displayed here from left to right are: the rock fig; the baobab; the lead wood; the crying boer bean and the camel thorn.

A video in Afrikaans which depicts the unveiling of the 5 paintings

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